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5 Solutions to combat stress

Another health issue spreading like a virus at the moment is anxiety. Here are some helpful ways to reduce the effects of stress.

1. Walk it off

One of the few things we can all do at the moment is WALK. The physical and mental health benefits of exercise are well-known - walking provides a perfect opportunity to relax, get some fresh air, enjoy the outdoors. It also provides a welcome escape or a chance to process your worries.

2. Talk about it

Keeping our problems pent up inside can be extremely damaging. Never before has technology made it so easy to connect with others. So pick up the phone or iPad and talk your problems through with a loved one - it provides an opportunity to reflect and understand your concerns better. A problem shared is so often a problem halved.

3. Distract yourself

Distraction is one of the greatest tools to reduce stress. Too much free time often leads to damaging overthinking behaviours. Even menial tasks can reduce the grip of anxiety - cleaning, housework, weeding the garden. Jigsaw puzzles and other games are another excellent way to focus the mind onto something new.

4. Deal with it

  • Acknowledge the effect stress is having on you. Pretending you’re fine or ignoring it will not help your situation.

  • Understand why you’re stressed - identify what the source is, but also consider why it’s effecting you.

  • Reduce the stress in some way - points 1-3 may help here.

5. Find the positives

Every difficult situation has a silver lining, however small it may seem. You may have a new opportunity to reflect on aspects of your life you may not have been totally happy with - be it your career, relationships, family life or your finances. Re-framing a situation and flipping it on its head can be an effective tool for finding a solution.


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