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Our trained nutritionist Charles will work with you to help develop the tools, skills and knowledge to identify lifelong changes to your eating habits and lifestyle that could significantly improve your health.


The nutritional advice Charles offers is highly personalised to you, taking in to account your lifestyle, your diet and eating habits, and tailored to what you want to achieve.  


The advice he offers could be just the support you need if you want to:


  • Achieve a more healthy and sustainable weight

  • Ensure your diet supports healthy ageing

  • Improve your diet to support a healthy body and brain

  • Improve a number of diet related medical conditions (for instance Irritable Bowel Syndrome, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure etc)

  • Ensure your diet lowers your risk of diet related illness and infections

  • Learn more about what you eat, how it impacts your health and the benefits of a healthy diet for you and your family

If you would like to talk to Charles before embarking on a consultation programme then please give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss the support he can offer. 

Healthy Meal
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