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Ways to boost immune function

The government plan is to flatten the curve of coronavirus exposure to reduce NHS burden. The best defence is therefore prevention - stay at home.

In addition to this, increasing your resilience will help to kick any potential infection into touch, and therefore reduce the likelihood of a hospital admission.

Here are some simple steps to give yourself the best possible chance to kick it into touch.

1. Diet

There is plenty of fresh produce available so keep your diet high in fresh fruit and

vegetables - full of antioxidants and key nutrients. Do try to keep sugar intake low, and moderate alcohol consumption. Keep hydrated.

2. Sleep

Keep to a sensible bedtime as it is easy to slip into a late night routine. Your body clock is closely-related to immune function.

3. Exercise

This is absolutely vital for immune health - get your heart and breathing rate going any way you can.

4. Stress

This is the hardest battle for us all at the moment. Find ways to relax, find joy in little things. See last week’s post for further help.

5. Supplements

Vitamin C is well-known for its health benefits. Zinc is also helpful for promoting immune health.

6. Boost lung function

A useful video was posted recently on this by a doctor at Queen’s Hospital:


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